Remember, Recognize, Reclaim.

Welcome back to remembering. In this time, we remember and chose not to be under the custodial management of our individual and unique connection to prime creator/God/Source.  God is ALL that IS.  We are a portion of the All that IS. This is coded in our DNA.  We are the Living Light Code. Its in our blood, cells and its who we are.

When you understand this with the core of your being, it will change your life.




Determine what to heal. Find your wounds and fears.  Face the pain and follow it through to its source, its origin. It will dissipate once you see it and accept it. Get to the point when you KNOW you did NOTHING wrong.   No more guilt, no more shame.


Intention, set one.  Take the time and create a space where you live for daily silence to explore within. This can be a time of prayer or mediation.  Breathwork.  Simply set your intention for your DAILY quiet time.


Generate the will of God, Self Mastery.  The I AM.  Find your GodSelf.  This flows as you practice daily and DIG.

Deep Within

Self discovery. What does this mean exactly? How do we understand self completely – when we live in a world of internal and external influence? How do we learn to feel our pain, rather that push it away?

This is to accept ourselves completely. Away from judgement of self and others to the best of our abilities…with all of our thoughts and feelings. It is to dig deep to find our core self away from what is not our deepest truth from the CORE of who we are, and not who or how we think of ourselves – our TRUEST SELF.

For the sake of keeping this simple, find your way to remember one thing. Feel LOVE. When we are able to hold this feeling. We replace our mind brain with our HEART brain an intricate part of our a non verbal communication system – that is becoming so very important to KNOW. Understand the Law of Resonance. When we understand this – it is profound! A NEW way of Life. The advanced HUMAN.

3D Consciousness

3D (three or third dimensional) Consciousness in used in describing the limited perception of the world as being only that which is perceived in the physical.  A person who limits their perceptions to the basic 5 senses would be considered a 3D person. Such a person would not have had an awakening experience and therefore not have fully developed Higher Sensory Perception or an ability to sense energy fields and their quality.

A 3D person is usually much more developed mentally than emotionally, leading them to perceive everything through their intellect. This results in dismissing Higher Sensory Perception experiences in others as well as in themselves.


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