2. Nadial Structure is the CNS Blueprint

To understand a small portion of our energetic design (bio-computer) , it helps to see exactly why meditation and connection should be a part of our awareness and established as a daily routine for some people. As we do this we energetically correct and upgrade the nervous system and spinal cord.

  • The lightbody is the structure, which is required to house the electromagnetic energies of the Soul-Spirit bodies in order to connect them with the physical layer of the human body.
  • Electrical impulses are generated from the lightbody via the Nadial Structure.
    • The Nadial Structure in our Soul matrix is that which transmits signals and coded messages to the CNS and brain in our physical body.
    • Complex data is stored and encoded in the electromagnetic frequency waves that make up our Soul-Spirit layers.
    • These layers of Soul-Spirit then generate holographic light images, which relay DNA codes and related information to the biology.
  • Within the Nadial Structure is a tissue like membrane body, and is called the Nadial Capsule. This is a layer that is a part of the Soul matrix bodies (the membrane that holds the webbing and layers of the entire Nadial Structure together). It is activated in our heart complex function and also an intrinsic part of the functioning of the entire heart complex, the “feeling intelligence” of the heart, so this is the center of one’s feeling heart-brain. It is the central area from which, a person senses the deepest sensations of heart-based feelings, when the heart pours out Soul qualities like love, empathy or compassion.

Quantum Physics is opening the doors to the possibility to things beyond our wildest dreams. And as we evolve into the new age, we have an opportunity to fully engage.  The gain of expanded consciousness deeply connects us with our inner spirit, to introduce new pathways for our neurons and the type of information being signaled to the body. Through the process of awakening into deeper self-realization, the person becomes more aware and realizes their state of becoming conscious. Through becoming more conscious of the state of consciousness, the neurons and brain begin to change and adapt to the new conditions of the expanding reality. This in turn enhances the brain activity to open up to significant changes that can turn on new synapses, which can entirely remap the brain.


1. Energetic Hygiene – Introduction

2The Human Energetic Design

3. CPC

Information has been provided from ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Nadial_Complex

Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share

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