Guide to Energetic Detoxification

1. Introduction

Everything is Energy

We exercise and eat the way we feel is healthy. The last decade has grown exponentially as more of us use and consume organic products and food at a growing rate.  We are on the verge of a breakthrough and intuitively crave to raise our vibration. We understand toxicity and what it does to our body.

Welcome to the next stage of the NEW Human, and I am not not talking transhuman, this is not about artificial anything..that’s what GMO is all about! You are here reading this today — to witness and learn how to eliminate toxicity in the energy body. The energetic body is also know as the Aura or Light Body, and it is complex multi layered webbed like system that works directly with our  Central Nervous System and RNA/DNA.

Our nervous system contains millions of nerve cells.  An electrical excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electoral and chemical signals.  (Neurons) are electrical messengers that transmit throughout the body: physical/brain/ central nervous system AND the spiritual-ENERGETIC.  Signals between our nerve cells occur via synapses or connections made with other cells like a mini electrical spark. This is the core component of the brain, spinal cord and entire CNS.  Our electromagnetic communication system.  And we need to keep it clear and free from diversion, disruption and distractions from doing its job of keeping our BEING in wellness.

Studies provide evidence that meditation is beneficial and though our experience we can agree. When we meditate and/or connect to our heart and within, we are placing our attention on our lightbody to help strengthen, protect and clear blockages. With an ongoing practice, your brain and body develops with advanced self observation. 

Those that are familiar with meditation, know there are many forms.   For example, being creative is extraordinary to quiet the mind. Yet, crucial to note that we are also using and projecting energy into something very specific as we participate as an artist.  And the qualities of energies are diverse in lower and higher octaves.  Never about right or wrong, good or bad. IT just is. Being in nature is another beautiful way to connect.  Here, it is suggested to add an intention, we then bring awareness to what we are giving our consent to, and how we are authorizing our power (energy). See Law of Consent.

Regardless the method of choice, when we meditate – we are in our HEART and out of the mind matrix. THIS is how we open to expanded states of higher consciousness.  With the attainment of higher frequencies through dedication and discipline, our Lightbody can be activated and repaired and yes even protected.


1. Energetic Hygiene – Introduction

2The Human Energetic Design

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