OMG! Its has been a mud fight in the world of Energy. Take extra care daily when shielding and protecting. Remember who you are in the LIGHT of 100% PURE ENERGY. GOD/Source Energy – plug in in all ways you know how. Stay on task, stay on track. Keep focused in on lifting your vibration. There is much interference in keeping you from knowing who you really are, in the POWER and KNOWLEDGE of your GOD self. Command your space, anchor lock and seal your divine inheritance (your connection to GOD) within and all around you.

Creating a Conduit of Frequencies

There is a field of intelligence that is available to all whom seek. We are moving from a biwave “closed loop system” to Tri Wave Unity. As we become the neutral observer, when we engage, we know there is no need to defend or blame. Building our Spiritual house is the first process of this – as energy receivers are coming “online”. As our temple becomes strong and we harmonize in balance our new energy body architect will hold these new frequencies. This process is also known as ascension.

New Systems

When a decision is made, we set our direction and a journey begins. As we become emotionally mature, life as we know it changes. Situations that once caused much confusion and hardship fall away naturally. Our growth brings the awareness of discernment. We overcome thoughts of our ego (our personalities). Trust replaces uncertainty. We take the time daily to connect, as we understand that tuning in is more important anything. We, then know what to do and when to take action. The rules of life have changed, yes, we are playing a new game. This is not saying that we can lay on our backs and float. We learn to design and build a transportation system that includes a higher intelligence navigational system, communication expertise, energetic radar and shield.