Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

The famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ inspires me to be the best I can be. Because I feel that through example, is the highest form of influence.

“Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world”. As my commitment and dedication of heart based devotion continues to grow, I build a solid connection. This Connectedness comes natural from the core of who I am. And with this, comes what I feel in my heart, which is love. Love is truth. This is how I understand interconnectedness. “Being at One with All as One is All with Love.” As I love myself, I love everyone.

Practicing Engaged Detachment

Develop Self Awareness of Inner and Outer Dialogues through the Observer and Compassionate Witness. Refocusing mental perception from Negative Thoughts to its Positive Polarity through Unconditional Love and Forgiveness towards the self and others. Learning how to focus on positive thoughts to replace negative thoughts are the first stage of ego discipline, the second stage is applying neutrality or neutral association through sustained focus, as in inner stillness found during meditation. This is because many people in ego behavior misrepresent neutrality as disassociative reaction to external events or others feelings. Disassociation and neutrality is not the same state of consciousness. Disassociation is disconnected from circumstances and disconnected from spiritual consciousness. While neutrality is connected through self-awareness, through the observer point of the heart intelligence of compassionate witness. This process is called engaged detachment.

Purge and Purify

Timing is everything…everything! Be still to ask when the time is right. We are undergoing an amazing sifting process.  We are moving through a filter for transfiguration.  This is an galactic organizational system that is sweeping through all to appropriate everything. Try not to be hasty in your daily activities, so you are able to assimilate and  integrate the wonderful changes that  your heart has desired for a very long time.  Every moment is a CHOICE point.


Dueling Duality

Oh my!  Where does one begin. Let me just first start with saying that the last few weeks have been like working an all nighter.  Is any one else tired?

You may have been noticing – many different communities are saying much of the same thing in different words:  2012 is not the end, its a new beginning, bringing in the feminine, bridging the two worlds.  Many explanations as to what is going on.  There is plethora of information on the subject – and we all have our interpretation of how and why we are changing, earth is changing. The world is changing.

Gregg Braden, Lisa Renee and Tom Kenyon are some of my favorite knowledge bearers. Gregg likes to give a scientific perspective on the changes of the earth and frequencies. Lisa talks about clearing, and offers great tools to those that feel drawn to her teachings.  Tom Kenyon and his sound healing is amazing.

I don’t agree with the information that is out there – that focuses on ONLY being positive and all we have to do is Love, love, love .  Don’t get me wrong.  Being kind, and loving one another is extremely important, however there is a difference between interconnectedness and oneness.  We are one with GOD and connected with each other (interconnectedness) through our GOD connection.  This is where setting boundaries comes into play, and knowing how to clear and protect your temple (your energy field and body).  Wear your shield daily Spiritual Warrior!

I like to always just keep it simple.  This way, I don’t get confused – when I start researching and look for more answers, only to find more questions.  Sometimes when I begin to feel overwhelmed with so much information – I feel that its intentionally convoluted. So keeping it simple helps me to stay focused: Connect to God-Source several times daily.  Stay neutral and when something creeps in:  close your eyes, connect, think of your brain/heart as a binary switch  (yes or no).  Choose YES.



OMG! Its has been a mud fight in the world of Energy. Take extra care daily when shielding and protecting. Remember who you are in the LIGHT of 100% PURE ENERGY. GOD/Source Energy – plug in in all ways you know how. Stay on task, stay on track. Keep focused in on lifting your vibration. There is much interference in keeping you from knowing who you really are, in the POWER and KNOWLEDGE of your GOD self. Command your space, anchor lock and seal your divine inheritance (your connection to GOD) within and all around you.

Creating a Conduit of Frequencies

There is a field of intelligence that is available to all whom seek. We are moving from a biwave “closed loop system” to Tri Wave Unity. As we become the neutral observer, when we engage, we know there is no need to defend or blame. Building our Spiritual house is the first process of this – as energy receivers are coming “online”. As our temple becomes strong and we harmonize in balance our new energy body architect will hold these new frequencies. This process is also known as ascension.