Original Odyssey – beautiful artist puzzle is a deck of cards designed to enhance imagination with improvisational play. There is no ‘right’ way to play this game. It’s part puzzle, part conversation points, part reflection tool, and part imagined play. The transformative creative potential of this art game is enhanced in a group setting. The collaborative process accelerates you own natural psychological and spiritual growth process. This is a symbolic alchemical and intuitive way for dissolving creative blocks and turning lead into gold.

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Tutorial studio sessions are available for individuals and groups. The group studio sessions include a focus on one or more of these topics:

  • Discovering creative potential with the imagination
  • Mapping personal mythology and visual storytelling
  • Collaborative play, improvisation and innovation
  • Health benefits of creativity

Imagination Conversation

Anything can happen.  My brilliant friend has created an innovative set of beautiful oracle cards that are not your average divination cards.  Here is a way to break through barriers or blockages of creativity and exploration around any facet of your life.  Join in for fun, leave filled with joy and enlightenment. 

You can sign up for an imagination conversation here to learn more about upcoming dates and time.