Its no mystery that stress causes malfunction in the body from insomnia to depression and disease.

The elimination of stress. What is the best way? A good quote to use here is, Truth is ONE, paths are many. My favorite way to eliminate stress is Meditation.  If you are new to meditation, it will do no good to tell you to be in the present moment.

Its about being still, being ONE with the NOW. Its sort of like going to the gym and building muscle, the more often you go, the faster the results. Yet its easier than going to the gym, because all you need to do is find a creative project you love and loose yourself in it!  Another way is to set aside time with a specific purpose to do something, with no interruption and give it your full attention, like combing and loving your dog or cat, or organize a drawer.  Oh, yes Nature is fantastic meditation, just make sure your phone off.  Don’t even get me started on EMF disturbance. 😉

Energy work can also help you to become free of stress. With emotional release and the removal of blocked energy. You will gain insight on how to find space to quiet your thoughts and evoke feelings of peace.

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