Connect  Protect Clear

Before we dive into the process of CPC, lets take a look as some key aspects.

1. Know what you are plugging into? Pay attention to how you direct and focus your life force or chi energy. Tune in with intention of the highest vibrational force that is available to you.

2. Concentration. Imagine the release of tension in your body and infer to build your body’s energetic strength.

3. As you work on your LightBody/Energy Field, your spiritual house is able to hold more of the higher quality frequencies.

4. Only do what resonates with your heart.

Ok!  Are you ready?   Let’s do this!

Find a quiet room or nice quiet spot outside. Close your eyes in a comfortable seated position. With everything thing inside you and everything you are…concentrate. Focus deep within your heart, and all of your soul. Become fully relaxed.  Breathe in and breathe out.  Continue to feel your breath through your nose, with equal breath in, equal breath out.  Deep full belly breaths. In and out.

Continue breathing in and out. IF it feels comfortable, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and gently roll back your eyes, as they are still closed. (this helps with brain wave activity into theta).  Feel heavy, feel the pull of gravity on the weight of your body.  Be completely present.  Completely aware. See your body – separate…observe the body. BE the observer. Our physical body has a consciousness of its own.  It holds all the elements of the earth, our bodies are a part of the earth.  Talk to your body, thank your body.  Just take a few seconds to observe the separation of your body. AS you observe, send it love.  Send the earth love.  Feel love in your heart, and send it out to all beings everywhere.  And a wish that all being be happy, loved and free.  Feel unity in the vibration of love.

With one deep breath; say to yourself (out loud if you can). I am in the Universe. Another deep breath; say to yourself: The Universe is inside of me.  One more bid deep breath; I AM the Universe.

With another inhale start to see yourself encased in a huge luminescent bubble of light. And on the exhale fill it even more -with this light of your GodSelf.  Use your imagination, see yourself inside a snow globe with beautiful sparkling snow flakes flickering around you from every direction. They glisten just as the sun sparkles off the sea on a gentle day.  This is your connection to your GodSelf.  Hold your focus, on the swirling beautiful liquid plasma light. Watch it as it continues. Feel your sphere holding and supporting your entire being and body. See it swirling all around you. As it moves around your feet, this beautiful fiery liquid light gently dances and caresses your body all the way up to the top of your head. Take all the time you need to fill up with this beautiful energy. Feel the saturation of every pore, every cell.  Fill completely up with the beautiful – sparkling liquid fiery light.  Feel yourself PLUG in to your highest self, plug into the highest aspect – 100 pure light.  Fill your heart burst with this loving light. Completely encase yourself in your bubble of white light, knowing you fully connected into your GodSelf.  When are complete with this part of the connection – you will know. You will feel fully supported.

Feeling fully sealed and connected in your personal bubble, command your space to repel everything that is not of 100% pure light.  Find the words that are the most passionate and personal to your being and body. What is right for you in this present time and space experience. State it out loud with conviction.

In the light of who you are, your GodSelf, know through your connection, you are fully protected.

Now, when you are ready. With love and gratitude, gently wiggle your toes and fingers. Become fully present in your body.  Acknowledge the subtle or expansive changes. Feel the openness you created. With one last big deep breath, thank your being and body. Thank your Higher Self,. Thank your God Self. Thank God/Source.  Thank all that is important and resonant to you in this time and space.

As always, do what works for you and what resonates with your heart. We are all beautifully unique and our contribution to this connection is our divine signature.   Thank you for participation!

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2The Human Energetic Design

3. CPC

It is important to note: this information is not considered “new age” material.  These techniques move away from the “guru” mindset; intended to provide tools for self healing and empowerment. Much of my study since 2010,  has been with Energetic Synthesis. Lisa Renee has been an amazing role model for me, and I feel very blessed for the opportunity to learn and grow.  Learn more about the origination of this mediation, the 12D meditation here.