Acceptance of who are, where we live and how toxicity is merely a matter of fact is vital for the progression of human evolution. Whether we are talking about the toxins in what we consume, in our atmosphere and environment OR in our bodies from our thoughts and emotions, education is key.  As we identify what is harmful and harming our being and bodies, we have the ability to dissolve the effects of toxicity.

Disassociate from the content of what you believe to be true, and embrace your conscious light.  Here are some examples of anti life force patterns and what to do to sustain life force when you are aware.

  1. Mental: becoming attached and repeating “the story” you create and feed unconscious negative emotions. This has been referred to as the pain body.

Self-discipline, identify negative thoughts and behaviors. 

  1. Emotional: forgotten past experience, cellular memory of trauma. Unconscious negative thoughts, feeling the pain body.

Identify triggers and dissipate fear. Reaction vs response.

3. Physical: not taking care of the body or honoring Nature and a Healthy Lifestyle. Unhappiness.

Conscious movement, high vibration food, Breath, Stillness, the power of the Present moment.

  1. Spiritual: no participation or connection with The Eternal Core Self, Consciousness.

Daily embodiment practice.  The union of thought, feeling/emotions and Consciousness (Spirit/God/Creator) together with acknowledgement and awareness  the UNIFICATION in an INDIVIDUAL. The merging of Spirit, mind, emotion with Physical/Earth. Transcendence.