• Embracing Shadow

    June 21, 2019 by

    Stay witness to the situation.  As the unconscious emotional pain body may take over, allow what comes with surrender. Our cellular wounds are the collective and as we transcend those feelings of powerlessness and despair we are doing what we are here to do. Because we are in a body, and in human form.  This… Read more

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The study of Self is ongoing and with life’s experience our abilities of growth are astounding. In my practice and study of Energy Healing and wellness, I am humbled and honored when I can be of service as a guide. In the last couple years of my travels across the country, I deepen my discovery of service.  I assist those that are motivated to learn more about embodiment techniques and the understanding of why we need to identify our wounding. If you are here, you have trauma.  We are all going though a deep purging. A movement into a new way of being on Gaia.

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Eliminating Stress

Eliminating Fear


Relationship Communication



Energy is synonymous with Spirit. Spirit force is under the governance of negative or that of positive nature. And only through the positive force we are able to hold neutral the zero point God Matrix Field.

Human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviors, all of these are direct choices made by each person in the moment and will have direct Energetic Consequences.

Whatever quality of energies we prepare our body to be resonant with or hold as spiritual conduit, whether it is positive forces or negative forces, is what we allow ourselves to have consent with.

Whatever kind of force we are in consent with (whether we know this or not), is the Frequency that our body and Consciousness is subjected to in Universal Law.

The quality of spiritual force (Energy) will have corresponding dimensional laws (resonance) which govern the actions of that quality of that spirit. With resonance we give permission to a specific power force by default.

Negative frequencies are in the lower dimensions and create heaviness with feelings servitude and bondage to substances, people, positions and everything you can imagine that is happening in the scope of your life. While positive forces the Spirits of Christ are in the highest dimensions and create sovereignty and freedom for the Soul and spirit.

The beauty of this is that when we choose to be loving, we heal.

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