Coming up into May the planet will undergo its annual cycle of an electrical force field transmission. The Electric Peak is impactful through an amplification of scalar waves that are projected throughout the ley lines of the planetary body. This increase of electrical activity and distinct frequency pattern is impactful. With all activations (especially for those of us that are actively participating with the ascension process) there is an expansion of consciousness; and spiritual awakenings for others.

Think of this in terms of how and what we think as beings is directly related to rate of frequency. When we change how we think (and then behave) we change our frequency. With intentional connection to increase your frequency along with access to higher frequency is what changes the rate of vibration. Beyond mental knowledge and linear thinking, this is higher operating sentience a direct cognition of higher intelligence. This is about training the mind to perceive things as they really are. Free of control and how we wish things to be. Fully present/zero point.