Self discovery. What does this mean exactly? How do we understand self completely – when we live in a world of internal and external influence? How do we learn to feel our pain, rather that push it away?

This is to accept ourselves completely. Away from judgement of self and others to the best of our abilities…with all of our thoughts and feelings. It is to dig deep to find our core self away from what is not our deepest truth from the CORE of who we are, and not who or how we think of ourselves – our TRUEST SELF.

For the sake of keeping this simple, find your way to remember one thing. Feel LOVE. When we are able to hold this feeling. We replace our mind brain with our HEART brain an intricate part of our a non verbal communication system – that is becoming so very important to KNOW. Understand the Law of Resonance. When we understand this – it is profound! A NEW way of Life. The advanced HUMAN.