It is actually both simple and complex when you really start to comprehend the relevancy in numbers, as God is Math! Really, what that means is that in every form of creation, what is behind that form is the Blueprint and DNA code of our consciousness and energetic bodies. The blueprint contains multiple layers of complex sets of geometries that organize the instruction set of our DNA. These geometries form fields of energy that give instructions to arrange frequencies that run current throughout our personal blueprint. Our personal blueprint is the definition of our unique energetic signature that holds the intelligent design of the divine plan, our spiritual purpose and highest expression within the Universe. When we break down the geometries (Platonic Solids) and Light coding even further, we get patterns of numbers and code. These numbers can be arranged to stimulate our consciousness into awakening, as it activates dormant areas of our personal blueprint into higher Expanding Consciousness. This means we start to shift perspective and become more aware of things we never saw before.

So it is very common for people in the Soul awakening stages and undergoing spiritual initiations to notice their perception is shifting and they are able to observe many numerical patterns arranged in their environment. This is when the personal Hologram is shifting, and we can take notice to see the numerical patterns arranged in their master numbers. These numbers relate to consciousness activation in your personal blueprint, and the more you interact and acknowledge these numbers the more often this will occur in the synchronicity of the now moment. This is the best way to help develop higher communication skills, bring your mind into current now presence, because you will start to notice the numbers show up in patterns and they are communicating to you directly. In that moment, one starts to feel more connected, and able to develop a way to translate the numbers into a meaning that we can perceive in that moment, and this begins to develop our direct communication with our higher spiritual selves or ascension guidance teams. This helps to develop Higher Sensory Perception, which is communication with spiritual forces. Many times, it is our guidance teams working to awaken us and gently push us forward so we awaken to “get the message” and learn how to better communicate with our inner spiritual selves and guidance.