Today we launched four by four Mentorship.  We opened up a field of free flowing consciousness to support a framework to support our intention.  The intention is to serve Source in alignment to Unity consciousness to bring in PURE energy through each of our individual selves in its highest expression.  This is unique to everyone, as we all have an energy signature that is all our own.  I see that each class of four will embody something extraordinarily un-ordinary.

four by four Mentorship is open to all that resonate.  Each group meets once a month, and continues for 4 sessions on the 4th Friday  at 4:00pm .  It’s exciting to see this come to life, and will be fascinating to see how it grows.  This group shares a bond of support on many levels – with ongoing connection through the four by four building, and hopefully beyond.  Sign up soon.

four by four Mentorship is FREE.

If your looking for a way to make a difference, and your not sure how – this might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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