the one SIMPLE thing

Be an example.

Moving along, tending daily life with witnessing of self and the response of the personality when interacting with other people. Trying in earnest to always be friendly. Some days may not be an example of the best. What? Its not effortless to lead a consistent life of love. To emanate love to everyone, everywhere? With perfect imperfection, the the silver lining glistens as a reminder that a little love goes a long long way.

Remember again,

and again,

and again.

A simple formula for inner peace and a joyful life. The one simple thing.

To love. To just love. Emanate Love

Embracing Shadow

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Stay witness to the situation.  As the unconscious emotional pain body may take over, allow what comes with surrender. Our cellular wounds are the collective and as we transcend those feelings of powerlessness and despair we are doing what we are here to do. Because we are in a body, and in human form.  This “job” is never done.  As we participate with our process, we accelerate and amplify what is needed to hold the place of Unification.  When we hold that Zero point moment, we are hold a space for the Neutron Window.  The Source of Genesis the Galactic Center.

Integration of Shadow and Light = Everything and All that IS.

Intentional Connection

Coming up into May the planet will undergo its annual cycle of an electrical force field transmission. The Electric Peak is impactful through an amplification of scalar waves that are projected throughout the ley lines of the planetary body. This increase of electrical activity and distinct frequency pattern is impactful. With all activations (especially for those of us that are actively participating with the ascension process) there is an expansion of consciousness; and spiritual awakenings for others.

Think of this in terms of how and what we think as beings is directly related to rate of frequency. When we change how we think (and then behave) we change our frequency. With intentional connection to increase your frequency along with access to higher frequency is what changes the rate of vibration. Beyond mental knowledge and linear thinking, this is higher operating sentience a direct cognition of higher intelligence. This is about training the mind to perceive things as they really are. Free of control and how we wish things to be. Fully present/zero point.



Here we are on this day 2/22/2019.  A day for me that feels complete.  An ending of sorts and opening.  With each moment there is a choice POINT. What is not the same, is how this energy is held in the field, our environment. For about a year and a half (and longer for some) many have been building a new construct, a Krystaline Silicate Matrix. This Liquid Plasma Architecture (the vehicle and spiritual house of our multidimensional bodies) is Cosmic Collaboration of the Conscious Communication System. This quantum tri-wave system of expansion brings a capacity for more support than ever before in this density. Refined frequency merge of Earth to GaIa, Gaia to eARTh.

Separation ZERO

When we look at positive and negative it feels natural to see this as separate.  Yet in the All that is and the Wholeness we are, there is no separation.  It is in each God Breath we are whole. BEING, completely Present.

Zero point, neutrality is a state of being in a moment that brings us to the embodiment, the cellular purification of Silicate Krystal. However, we still have our individuality.  This is a simultaneous experience in a moment: Individualized Unification.  Being Oneness as “I AM”.  An individual human being as unity consciousness.IMG_0034

The Organic 5D Network System

Communication has change vastly through the last 2 decades.  The collective is desensitized to what connection is and importance of our connection to one another.  We not only need to know how to connect to each other, we must understand our connections  are multidimensional.  It is through our conception of connection we build our personal communication system.  Our sacred geometry architecture, our personal matrix system.

Power of Force

In physics, power is the rate of doing work, the amount of energy transferred per unit time. Because we are beings of light, and we learn to focus and manifest and then gather in collaboration with the ALL is ONE, with harmonic intention many wonderful things occur.

Remember, Recognize, Reclaim.

Welcome back to remembering. In this time, we remember and chose not to be under the custodial management of our individual and unique connection to prime creator/God/Source.  God is ALL that IS.  We are a portion of the All that IS. This is coded in our DNA.  We are the Living Light Code. Its in our blood, cells and its who we are.

When you understand this with the core of your being, it will change your life.




Determine what to heal. Find your wounds and fears.  Face the pain and follow it through to its source, its origin. It will dissipate once you see it and accept it. Get to the point when you KNOW you did NOTHING wrong.   No more guilt, no more shame.


Intention, set one.  Take the time and create a space where you live for daily silence to explore within. This can be a time of prayer or mediation.  Breathwork.  Simply set your intention for your DAILY quiet time.


Generate the will of God, Self Mastery.  The I AM.  Find your GodSelf.  This flows as you practice daily and DIG.

Deep Within

Self discovery. What does this mean exactly? How do we understand self completely – when we live in a world of internal and external influence? How do we learn to feel our pain, rather that push it away?

This is to accept ourselves completely. Away from judgement of self and others to the best of our abilities…with all of our thoughts and feelings. It is to dig deep to find our core self away from what is not our deepest truth from the CORE of who we are, and not who or how we think of ourselves – our TRUEST SELF.

For the sake of keeping this simple, find your way to remember one thing. Feel LOVE. When we are able to hold this feeling. We replace our mind brain with our HEART brain an intricate part of our a non verbal communication system – that is becoming so very important to KNOW. Understand the Law of Resonance. When we understand this – it is profound! A NEW way of Life. The advanced HUMAN.