Healthy Life Expo – February 4th and 5th

Cravings!  Going to the Source!

Love yourself. Seems easy right?  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and this is why your body yearns for food, people, ideas and concepts of what it WANTS from outside of self!  The core essence of who you are is to love, honor and respect yourself.  The inner marriage. As a manifestation the eternal spirit LOVE, we then gain the courage to remove obstacles of pain and fear – to become embodied into the natural state of Love.  AS God/Source/Love is found within. Please come down to the Minneapolis Convention Center to learn more about what you crave and why.  Joni will talk about how to identify the influences that are feeding ego into submission, and in some cases daily indulgences. Whether it be food, phone or facebook.  What makes you want it so bad?

Saturday, 4pm –  Presenting on Stage 1

Sunday, 1pm – Presenting on Stage 3